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    Default under side of deck visible from street

    I have a three story house in a beach area with decks on the front at the 2d and 3rd levels. the underside of the decks are visible from the street level. i need suggestions for how to make this look more finished without impeding the flow of water through the decks

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    Default Re: under side of deck visible from street

    you can install a corrugated soffit up under teh joists that acts as a gutter, from there run a downspout down along the posts
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: under side of deck visible from street

    Ideally, the underside of decking should be stained similarly to the top side for protection reasons. A bare underside potentially can wick water back up into the wood.

    Often the structural members are pressure treated and do not match the wood used on the decking itself. They can be treated with the same stain as the decking, but will probably not match the look of the decking. Better would be to use a solid hide acrylic stain in the same tone as the decking.

    As Jkirk suggests, there are several soffit systems designed for the underside of decking which will devert rain water coming through the decking and make the lower decking a dry area.

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