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    Question Shower Enclosure Removal

    I am removing a shower enclosure that was added ontop of a 1930's tub. All the aluminum supports, guides and rails came away with relative ease but one lower guide rail is glued (silicone adhesive?) to the enamel and refuses to come off with any sort of non-destructive prying. I am thinking of using a heat gun to soften the adhesive while applying leverage along the rail.



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    Default Re: Shower Enclosure Removal

    There are some silicone solvents in the paint isle of home burrito

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    Default Re: Shower Enclosure Removal

    Have you cut the caulk on either side of the trim with a utility knife? If you can get an edge to lift a little, you can continue to work the knife under the trim to carve the trim free. Be careful that you don't slip, which can not only injure yourself, but damage the enamel on the tub. If you're going to have the tub refinished, then mild scratches won't matter too much.
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