Well. As the title states the yard is a swamp and though i may be large in size my name is not Shrek and i'm not a green Ogre. So here is the situation.

We set on a half acre at the bottom of a hill in a sub division outside of the city limits. From the top of the hill to the bottom i'm guessing there is probably 20+ feet of drop. So naturally we get the brunt of rain water run off. The back yard is where the worst of the problem is seeing as the front is taken care of by the county storm sewer fairly well. Also the swamp is at the lowest point of the property which is the south edge.

Our yard consists of a lot of clay. Though in the main spot where the water pools up i'm not really sure if there is a soil type or just a wet mix of run off. It's so wet that when you step down water is pushed up and displaced by your foot.

So what would be the best option to go with? I had two years of vocational school in highschool doing construction equipment work but we never done a lot of drainage work though i picked up general knowledge. So i got a general idea of how to implement the solution it's just a matter of finding the solution.

Also i'm in Northwest Ohio. If that helps at all on knowing what type of climate and soil i'm working with. I'll try and get some pictures up soon. Gotta wait for the rain to stop so i can go out and take some.