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    My house was built in 1922 and has cyprus siding on it. Nothing has been done to the siding since it's installation. It has never been sealed, stained, painted or cleaned. Of course, the siding is now a gray color but has no signs of roting or decay. Do I need to do anything to the siding now after all these years? If I do need to do something to it. what would it be?

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    As the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!". Damn, I wish I could let my house go unattended for 90 years! Cypress is one of those woods which have natural oils which make it highly rot resistant. Indeed, the tree grows in swampy soil or even in water itself.

    Unless you are unhappy with the grayed appearance, I would leave it alone. It certainly can be brought back to the original wood tone and then sealed with exterior stain products, or it can be cleaned and then primed and painted. Alkyd oil primers are preferable, followed by an acrylic finish coat or two.

    A good discussion of the nature of cypress can be found at: www.tinytimbers.com/cypress_info.htm

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