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    Default free-standing tub, fixtures & curtain

    We have a great claw-foot tub in our main bathroom. The way the fixtures are configured, the shower curtain can't wrap around behind the pole/pipe to which the shower head attaches. I have rigged up two shower curtains that I cut to allow for all the pipes and fixtures, but it looks lousy and we still get puddles. I've browsed various suppliers' websites that sell period fixtures for free-standing tubs, but I still can't see how these configurations allow you to wrap a shower curtain around, preventing the daily drudgery of sopping up puddles. Any ideas?

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    If you have a plastic curtain, find the middle and cut down U shape notch as much as you need to get under the shower head pipe. If you want to do a really good job, before you cut glue up two strips of same plastic on the both sides of curtain, a little wider so when you cut the notch, you will still have 1/4" aroud the cut to support the edges. Long explanation, quick fix . Send me email if you will need more information; abdank @ verizon.net

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