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    Default Harwood floors over particle board?

    Is it o.k. to install solid maple floors over particle board sub flooring if the framing and sub flooring are in good condition?

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    Default Re: Harwood floors over particle board?

    is it particleboard or osb, was there carpet down previously?, if so i would simply go to a slightly longer hardwood staple to ensure holding power
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    Default Re: Hardwood floors over particle board?

    Particleboard is a terrible substrate. It doesn't hold nails very well. If it absolutely has to go over particleboard, you should consider an engineered hardwood that can be glued (or floated, but I hate floating wood floors).

    Next best would be divergent point staples - they spread apart some when going in and grip a little better. Whatever fastener you choose, do NOT use something longer than the combined thickness of the hardwood and subfloor. If the nail or staple goes through the subfloor, it won't hold as well and very likely will blow out a chunk of particleboard on the bottom side.

    My advice is based on particleboard only. If you are referring to a different product, please say so. If this particleboard is not the actual subfloor, then you have mistaken underlayment for subfloor. Remove the underlayment from the subfloor, especially if it's particleboard underlayment.


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