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    Default converting oil to gas

    looking for opinions on the best boiler to use for my upcoming conversion from oil heat to gas heat for my steam system at home. 4 different contractors have mentioned 4 different brands for the project so i am having difficulty making a decision as to which brand to use.

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    Default Re: converting oil to gas

    Why convert? I would look at staying with the oil and going to the Burnham MegaSteam. Its 86% AFUE. What gas boiler choices are you given?

    If dead set on gas I'd be looking at not only converting from oil to gas but from steam to hot water. You could then have choices of boilers in the 95% AFUE range.

    Budget does restrict available choices and options. Did the installers all measure the sqft of radiation in the home to calculate boiler size or did they just look at the label off the old boiler? If they all just looked at the old label then NONE of them would be my choice...

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