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    Question Baseboard heaters.

    We have electrical baseboard heaters the only source for winter heat. 111 year old house. Any way to upgrade to better heat for the winter. Heating bills right now are 600 a month. The place has two fire places

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    Default Re: Baseboard heaters.

    If you have fireplaces that can be used why not install inserts with motorized circulators?

    Also, dump insulation into the wall cavaties and attic.

    Good Luck from Wilsonville,Alabama
    Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

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    Default Re: Baseboard heaters.

    1. Do you have a source for natural gas?
    2. Talking about insulation, weatherstripping is important too.
    3. You could also replace your windows. Expensive, but worth it.

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    Smile Re: Baseboard heaters.

    There is a video you can watch about old fireplace renovations it is called, "the 1900 House" It's Brittish but the same applications apply. It would be nice if you could re-use the old fireplaces. There is also a new product called Eden Pure Heaters the may reduce your electric cost but you would need to go with the large units, two or three of them.

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