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    Default Re: Painting Front Door

    Forty years ago, Pratt and Lambert used to market a alkyd based enamel by the name of Vitralite. It too gave a glass like finish with absolutely no brush marks. Unfortunately, it was extremely run prone. High gloss enamels get their gloss by virtue of the extremely small pigment size. The extremely small particles appear dense to the light rays reflecting off them. The small particle size also makes them highly run prone. It is also very expensive to grind pigments so fine. Add to that the foreign exchange rates on paints coming out of Europe.

    Does Holandlac exhibit this tendency to run?

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    Default Re: Painting Front Door

    Not to ME anyway, and I only used it on a couple sample-boards.

    Yeah, the smoooooothness and gloss are ridiculous!
    My Lahey of FPE described the grinding process to me for their paints. Very old device, but does the job beautifully.

    LENGTH of grind-time????
    This may shock you...up to 3 WEEKS!
    Because of this, the incredible density & gloss is developed.

    From a TECHNICAL-only standpoint, for higher-wear surfaces, the glossier the better....

    Have you guys looked at their site? There's some door pics in there that look like glass! Just beautiful...


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