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    Default water coming through tar paper behind stucco

    Hi. I have a 1950's ranch house on very expansive soil. Ground movement throughout the year causes hairline cracks in the stucco on the south side of my garage. I have patched the cracks with latex crack filler several times to no avail. The problem is being the south side on the house the summer sun beating on the walls over the years has cooked the tar out of the tar paper backing. Now when it rains you can see water coming through and soaking into the studs. Is there any recourse other than tearing off the stucco and replacing the paper?

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    Default Re: water coming through tar paper behind stucco

    Are you sure that your diagnosis is correct?
    How big is the area that you suspect is letting water in? Are there any water pipes nearby?
    Assuming that your garage walls are unfinished, can you poat photos?
    There is a product called THOROSEAL, a cement sealant you could try. You mix it with water and apply it onto the stucco with a brush, just like paint. When it's dry, test it by soaking it and if it stopped the leaks, paint over it to match your exterior color.
    Where to get it? try masonary supply places. HD and Lowes don't have it. Good Luck.

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