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    Default cement block cutting

    I need to cut a 22"H x 32" W hole in a cement block wall. Anyone have any suggestions how to do this without spending a lot of money? It needs to have somewhat clean edges, so a saw cut is about the only way I know. Can't afford a pro, and can't rent a saw, any suggestions?
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    Default Re: cement block cutting

    Diamond blades in both a circular saw and angle grinder. Mark you lines in ink or heavy pencil. Tent and ventilate the area to the exterior if indoors. Cut from both sides for your perfect hole, then use a chisel and hammer or rotohammer to remove the center. You may want to drill your corners for reference points on the opposite side of the wall.

    A couple things you may run into are rebar and filled block cavities. For these you'll definitely need the rotohammer to remove the cement and then a sawzall to cut the rebar.

    I can't advise whether you'd need to install a header (lintel ?? ) for the opening or not, nor how it will structurally affect the wall, particularly if this is a structural wall that you're modifying.
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    Default Re: cement block cutting

    What Spruce said is important;

    If you are cutting a hole in your foundation to install a window, you'll need to install a lintel to keep the weight from above from crushing the window.

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