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    Default Door that opens like a van door?

    I have a small space and a normally opening door takes up too much room. Is it possible to have a door that swings out and slides along the wall like the side door on a van or SUV? If anyone knows how this can be done, I would love to hear about it. To clarify - this is an exterior door, so it would need to be inset and secure once it is closed. I thought of a van because this is how the doors work! A pocket door would not work, as it would interfere with exterior insulation (I live in the NE, cold climate).

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    Default Re: Door that opens like a van door?

    The traditional way would be to use a pocket door, which slides inside the wall. Installing one would require rebuilding the the wall there.

    You could also install a sliding door that hangs from an overhead track attached to the outside of the wall.

    Another option is a bi-fold door, which folds in half and requires only half of the door-swing space.

    And the ultra-cheap, really tacky version: hang a blanket or sheet over the opening.
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    Exclamation French doors hung on Overhead track like a Barndoor

    I'm trying to find an inexpensive track, rollers, & hardware to hang the French doors, like a Barndoor. I have found a few places ******, but they are very expensive. Improvement stores have what seem too large for what I need. Are there any safe ideas. Have little children want to make sure they are secure. Need answers A.S.A.P. Thanks in advance.

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