Hi All,

I have had a slow draining tub for a few weeks now. I finally got the time to take a look at what was going on but I've only managed to make the problem worse. I unscrewed the screen from the tub drain, and there was a whole lot of hair and nastiness that was caught on the cross-section of the drain opening. After I pulled all of this out I should have called it a day but I decided that since I had my drum auger next to me, why not run the snake down and clean out anything that may be left. I worked the snake as far as I could and when I pulled it up nothing came up, so I turned on the water to test it out and the water was just barely draining. The drain went from a slow drain to a trickle drain. I'm not sure what I did but everything I tried wouldn't get the drainage going again. I also tried removing the overflow plate and the stopper and snaking the drain from there with no success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.