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    Question Walkway and porch repair

    The front walkway coming into my house and porch is made of brick set in mortar on a concrete pad. The mortar has cracked and broken down for the second time. Is this repairable or will it continue to break down. I have 6 columns that rest on this brick porch. How would I best work around them?

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    Default Re: Walkway and porch repair

    1. Outdoor mortar and grout are under severve stress, from temp changes, dampness, humidity and dryness. Therefore they will continue to crack. They are also repairable, and if done properly, will look "like new". You can minimize the effects of the elements by sealing them periodically, using the best sealer you can find.
    2. You mentioned columns. Are these columns just resting on top of the bricks or are they in the ground? and, what do they support?

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