I just bought an 21 year old condo with 5 big picture windows. During the last Saturday heavy rain(bucks county,PA), I just notice that water seep thru one of the lower picture window on the right side(more like running when the rain was heavy) into interior of home( above this window is another picture window). I went outside and could not find anywhere that possible the water can come thru as there is siding and all the covering. It seems that it must have leak thru the inside wall/siding. Now who should I call, I have no idea what to do but freak-out about how long this problem existed and is it possible mold is growing, what is the cost of replacing those window. I also found out that the 2 upper windows' inside pane were crack on the corner side.

Is it possible that the leaks is related to the roof and Chimney or downspout?? The condo association just replace the roof 3 years ago. I have never lived in a condo before.

I really need a break from all these miseries upcoming divorce after 25 years , my poor health and now this leaking condo.