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    Default Infrared Heating for a basement

    I am modeling my basement. We recently had an HVAC guy come and tell us that our existing furnace may be a little too small to add ducts for our basement. He suggested installing infrared heaters which would run off our electrical system. Does anyone have any experience with infrared heaters? Do they work? And how do I determine how many I need for my basement.

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    Default Re: Infrared Heating for a basement

    You would start with a heat loss and then pick the appropriate sized units to match the loss. In electric 1 Killowatt (KW) equals 3418 btu's. Anytime I hear electrical for heating I hear high fuel cost. How about a minisplit unit that will provide heating and cooling. May be the less intrusive and cost effective way. They are much more efficient then a traditional duct heating and cooling system from a SEER/EER rating.


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    Default Re: Infrared Heating for a basement

    If you are considering infrared heaters, you might want to check out the EdenPure web site http://www.edenpure.com/ or http://www.edenpurestore.com/

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    Default Re: Infrared Heating for a basement

    I would tend to agree with hvhehcca on this one.

    First off, you should always first try to tap into the central heat source of the home if at all possible before going to any electric-based heat like infared, which will cost you more money in operating costs & not be as comfortable.

    This would mean getting at least one other 2nd opinion on the furnace route and following the heat loss guidelines as well as determining the furnace capacity, which should be labeled at the front of the unit.

    Unless you have a lot of footage in the basement, it's rare that the existing furnace would lack the capacity to also provide adequate heat for the basement; modern ducting has zone provisions not available previously.

    What is the square footage of the basement; what is the BTU OUTPUT of the furnace, as listed on the front of the unit; if no listing ,what is the make & model #.

    A mini-split that can cool as well as heat also sounds good as an alternative if the ducting cost estimate is too high.
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