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    Default Metal Deck Railing

    A few weeks back, I saw an episode of TOH where they put in black metal balustrades on an elavated backyard deck. I don't recall what the project was, but it aired on NJN (NJ Network). I would love to replace my wood rail on my deck, but am not sure where to go for the metal. Can anyone help?

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    Default Re: Metal Deck Railing

    You would check your area for a company that does ornamental iron works.

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    Default Re: Metal Deck Railing

    Start with Home Centers that sell different wrought iron fences in various designs and colors, in different lengths. Then there are different ways to attach the sections to the posts you choose, which go on the deck.
    Seek their advice if you don't know who, why, how and when.
    Capable DIY can tackle it. If you can't, get a pro to do it.
    Good luck.

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