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    Default Glass Block basement window replacements

    I would like to replace my old style basement windows with glass block for added security and insulation. My local big box store has premade windows that will fit my opening with vents, however they do not have instructions for installation. Does anyone have good step by step instructions for installing glass block windows?

    Should I purchase the preassembled window or put them together myself?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Wink Re: Glass Block basement window replacements

    Get the preassembled, especially if you are new at this. Check with your supplier he possibly will have installation instructions. There are many new methods for installing the glass block. I always just put them in like I was laying brick or block, and used portland cement and sand instead of mortar to make it stronger. I have basement glass block windows I put in twenty years ago this way and they are still there.


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