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    Default Quality vinyl windows

    We live in the deep south and are considering vinyl replacement windows. As seniors, we'll probably not be here more than 10 years. How do we judge the quality and value of replacement windows?

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    For quality vinyl windows, look for the presence of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)certification label on the frame.

    When you go to buy vinyl windows, ask a sample of cross sectioned vinyl window parts to take with you. You'll find that the frame is composed of various sized and numbered chambers. Number of the chamber is important. Quality vinyl windows have highest number of chambers. These chambers help the frame to withstand the heat and prevent it from deformation.

    Try to know, how the frames are assembled, screwed or heat welded? Heat welded frames are better. Here, the more PVC of one piece of frame is in contact with another piece, the more will be the strength of the frame joint. It is measured in square inch. The more chambers are available, the more square inch PVC are in contact with one another. Buy with highest number of this measurement.

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    Default Re: Quality vinyl windows

    how bad are the existing windows?

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