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    Default Help in removing very OLD vinyl flooring

    We have vinyl flooring in the kitchen that has never been replaced. The home was built around 1986 so it has been down there all these many years.
    I put a small crowbar under and it was coming off very easily - so I thought - this will be a piece of cake! Only just the TOP layer is coming off... the old glue and backing will take blasting to get off.
    Any tips on removal?
    I looked for a flooring category but did not see one, so i hope this is posted in the correct spot

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    Default Re: Help in removing very OLD vinyl flooring

    You need to get yourself a flooring sc****r. This is a blade that is 3" to 6" in length and attached to the end of a long handle. This hand tool will work well if you've got a small area to remove. If you've got a large area, say more than 8' x 8', then I recommend renting a vinyl stripping machine. Of course, this is assuming that you're on top of a slab floor and not wood.

    If you're over wood, odds are that a 1986 home has a particle board underlayment over a plywood or OSB subfloor. If this is the case, pull the underlayment out with the vinyl attached to it. You'll install new underlayment for the new vinyl. If by odd chance you've got vinyl directly applied over your subfloor, leave it and just cover with underlayment, then install the new vinyl. I can eleborate on easy methods of removal if you're over wood.
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