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    Default Water Filtration Systems to remove Lead

    I have an issue with Lead in my Well water and am looking for any experiences pros/cons with the various remdiation/ water filtrations systems out there.

    I have an older home (1938) and the source of the Lead is likely lead soldering in pipe joints, which I will work to remove/fix over time as repairs are done. But in the meantime I want to install some type of water filtration system, but am getting confused as I read and research with conflicting information.

    For example I see various under-counter carbon block systems for approx $500-800 that claim to remove 98% of lead. On the other hand a local "water softener" company recommended a water softener system that will cost $2600. I see info saying water softeners are not good for you and don't remove lead. I also see info that says carbon systems don't remove lead. I feel like I don't' know who to believe given so much contradictory info out there.

    Does anyone have knowledge or advice to share and/or experience with any systems pros/cons?

    My water test shows high Lead, Manganese and low PH(acidic), which all appear interrelated issues. There are no other containments in the well water, so the system is I need only needs to be be focused on the lead.
    Any advice appreciated!!
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