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    Default PEX to Faucet Connection

    I'm getting ready to re-plumb all the supply lines in my 101 year old house. They are all galvanized and I'm using PEX. The question I have is what is the standard method to transition from PEX to fixtures that currently have shut-off valves (toilets, faucets)? Should I just use a transition piece that is PEX on one side and 1/2" pipe on the other, then connect to the fixture using the traditional flexible hose? Or should I install a shutoff valve at the end of the PEX and connect that to the flexible pipe (I'm using a manabloc manifold so will already have a shut-off valve for each fixture in my basement)?

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    Default Re: PEX to Faucet Connection

    Use a PEX valve under the fixture then you can use std supply tubes.


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    Default Re: PEX to Faucet Connection

    pex makes "stub outs" which have a male pex end followed by a copper tube that is capped. hook up the pex to the stub out, secure the stub out to a stud or floor joist then you can solder on a 1/2" male to 1/2" copper fitting and screw on your supply hose. pex also makes shutoffs and you can put on of those to transition to your supply hose but the pex won't be secured and sort of free floating.

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