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    Default Only hot water coming out of bacth tub faucet and shower

    Last night when trying to give the kids a bath only hot water would come out of the fauscet for the tub and shower. I tried the adjecent fauscets for the sinks and they worked fine. The only adjustment I have made in the last several months was turning down the temp on the water heater, but I would not think that would have any affect on cold water. My guess is I either have a broken value for the cold water in the shower water control unit or there is a clog in a cold water pipe somewhere. Anyone have any ideas on how to trouble shoot this one?

    Image of a similar unit:


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    Default Re: Only hot water coming out of bacth tub faucet and shower


    It sounds like there is something clogging the cold water side of the valve body.

    1- close the drain, cover it with tape if you have to
    2- shut off the water to the shower, both hot and cold.
    3- take the valve body apart
    4- flush out the pipes by quickly turning the water on and off a few times. Do the hot first, then the cold. If no water comes out from the cold side, let us know.
    5- clean the valve body parts
    6- replace the valve parts
    7- check operation.

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