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    Suddenly, when in the shower, the water either gets cold or very hot for a few moments, then goes back to normal. This keeps repeating itself over and over. Not sure if a plumbing or water heater problem.

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    This is tough to answer ****** without seeing the job. But generally if it is only doing it on the shower it is going to be the shower. Inf that is the case it will need a rebuild of the interior parts. If it is doing it in multiple showers and you have a tankless water heater in your boiler it could be an issue with the tankless or with the tampering valve.

    Good Luck!!
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    More information needed, like:
    What kind of water heater you have and its condition,
    Does it happen only in this shower and not anywhere else,
    The condition of your shower faucet body.
    Without this info, it's anyone's guess.

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