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    Talking Flaking hardwood floors

    My neighbor has flaking hardwood floors in her apartment, the landlord is not the type to fix this, nor care if it is fixed, but she has a 3 month old baby, getting ready to crawl,
    i do not know if this is shellac or old wax, or all of the above, but it is getting everywhere, and i am looking for some way that is not very expensive, and also not very toxic to be able to fix this
    any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanx:d

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    Default Re: Flaking hardwood floors

    The right way to do this of course, is to sand the floors down to bare wood but with the attitude of the landlord, that's not something that seems likely.

    You want something good, fast, and cheap. That's also not going to happen. Pick any two of the three. You could do a quick sanding job using an orbital sander. It's going to get a little dusty so have a good shop vac handy. Once you get most of the loose stuff cleaned off, get some decent floor varnish and paint the floors with it. It'll look OK for a while and you'll have to hope that the stuff that you didn't sand off, doesn't come loose, under the new varnish. It's a chance you'll have to take given the parameters you're working under.

    Good Luck.

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