Hello, everyone.
I've noticed, in several threads, where someone will say something about "tuning up" or "adjusting" their new saw. It sounds like it's a snap. I've had 2 table saws (my current one is a very old Sears) and they've both had a problem with the blade not being parallel to the blade opening (not perpendicular to the front). With both of these saws, it seems like adjusting the blade involves either standing the saw on it's head or standing me on my head. (Which makes it rather tricky!)
So, am I missing something, or are some saws easier to adjust than others? I'm looking at buying a new or used saw right now, and I'd like to get one that's more easily adjustable than the ones I've had. (Or I'd like to know what I've done wrong in the past.) So what do I look for that will tell me if a saw is easy to adjust?

Thanks a lot.