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    Default Landscape Edging

    I would like to install steel or composite edging around my house. It will 3-4 feet away from the house and will contain a bed of river rock 1-2 inches deep. We do not have gutters and the house is on a slab. The soil is dense and drains slowly.

    1. The steel edging is 4 inches tall. Can I install it below the ground so that it' only 2-3 inches above the ground?

    2. If I install it below ground do I have to worry about water run off?

    3. If I install it at ground level do I have to worry about water run off.

    4. What can I do about the water run off
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    Default Re: Landscape Edging

    hi have you considered countouring the ground to allow the water to run off in the direction you require, or install proper drinage to remove the water if you have this it doesnt matter too much how you install the edging

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