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    Default And after the stucco is gone?

    I am in the process of scraping the stucco off of a drywall ceiling (I can't believe how easy it is when you spray it with water first!) and am now wondering what the next step is. In some places, I have sc****d a tad too deep, and the brown layer is visible. Can I just seal it with some kind of drywall primer before I paint it, or do I need to apply a skim coat of some kind of spackling before priming? The goal is to get a smooth surface to which I will then apply thin wood appliques in a large oval before painting to give the impression of an old plaster ceiling. Also, what would be the best method for attaching these appliques to the drywall ceiling; glue or nails? And one last question: there were speakers in the ceiling that I've removed, which have left holes about 11x16 inches big. Can I patch those with those sheet metal patch kits, or should I be cutting a patch out of a piece of drywall for something that big? And if the later, how do I secure the patch to the rest of the ceiling? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: And after the stucco is gone?

    Can't speak to the appliques, what does the manufacturer recommend?

    Zinser makes an excellent product called Guardz. Paint it over the damaged drywall and it forms a plastic like barrier that can be saned, painted whatever without more paper peeling up. Pretty cool stuff

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    Default Re: And after the stucco is gone?

    1st Time,

    Your ceiling soaked sc****d off so easily because it was basically dry wall compound which had been give a textured look. I would give the ceiling a good sanding with a drywall sanding poll. Those areas which you gouged with your sc****r should be sealed with an oil based primer before being patched with drywall compound. The oil primer will keep the water in the drywall compound from puckering up the pulp of the exposed paper. I would then seal the entire ceiling with a drywall sealer, followed with a finish coat of ceiling paint.

    The holes from your former speakers should be patched by squaring them off at the next joist. Most ceilings use 5/8ths drywall. You can fasten a cleat to the joist on both sides of the hole and then screw upward into the cleat to fasten the drywall. I don't like the metal quick patches in general. In any event, I have never seen them in such a large size.

    As to fastening your moldings: I would follow the manufacturers' instructions. Generally, I would use one of the fast set adhesive caulks. If you have a pneumatic hailer, a finish nail or two might help hold them into place while the adhesive sets.

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