True, but IMO leave the secondary mid-tap grounded at the pole and run this neutral to the neutral bus in the SE panel. But, feed the home/facility with an additional green wire (from pole ground rod) and tie to the enclosure ground bar. Continue to connect the ground rod(s)/slab/water & gas pipes to the ground bar.
Remove the main bonding jumper in the SE panel.
Again, the utility should remove their jumper from the primary neutral to the secondary neutral and feed the user with 4 wires not 3. All of their towers should also be feed with a ground wire and better ground rods.

This information is advocated by Mr. Donald W. Zipse, PE in his papers "Dangers of Stray Voltage and Current" and "Equipotential Planes, A Figment of the Imagination IEEE Paper No. ICPS-06)", which may be downloaded from the web, free of charge and are excellent reading.

Good Luck from Wilsonville, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon,