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    Default Porch understructured?

    I have a small porch (4 x 12) on the back of my house which has some rot in one of the beams. I am going to replace the beam but am not sure the rest of the structure is sound. How can I tell if the structure is adequate? How big a ledger board should be attached to the house?

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    Default Re: Porch understructured?

    is there anything above the porch? another room? is the porch on piers and are the piers on footings? what part of the ocuntry are you in? can you post a picture of the porch?

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    Default Re: Porch understructured?

    if you can push a nail into the wood by hand, the wood is rotting.

    the ledger should be atleast the same dimension as the joists. current codes wont accept anything less than 2x8 joists
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: Porch understructured?

    Also conduct the 'screwdriver test'

    Take a standard 1/4" flat head scewdriver (or larger) and jab it into the suspected board. Jab it into a good piece of wood. Compare the two. If when jabbed into the bad board it goes in much further than the good board, you'll know it needs to be replaced.

    Not scientific, but a good indicator.

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