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    I'm seeking advice on how to install a gate on one end of my deck. Only issue is that while there is a post to use on one side, the opposite end is the corner of the house which is covered in siding. Any way to install the gate without screwing/bolting/mounting anything into the siding? I'm really just trying to keep a dog from running off deck. any advice is appreciated.

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    pretty simple actually, you need to put another post in at the house. get yourself another 4x4 x 48" and notch out the decking so it slides down along the ledger and the outside joist. fasten it with screws through the outside joist then install blocking between joists to lock the post in place plumb.

    from there get some 2x4 pt and fence boards to make your gate, make the gate frame about 1/2" narrower than the distance between posts so it swings freely without hitting the posts. from there its just a latch
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