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    Question Drywall/Sheetrock on aluminum siding in Patio

    Recently, I purchased old home which has covered Patio/Sunroom. One internal wall of Patio has aluminum siding. What are my options to cover this siding? I spoke to contractor who indicated that instead of removing the siding, he would put drywall/Sheetrock on the top of the siding. I will really appreciate your feedback/experience.

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    Default Re: Drywall/Sheetrock on aluminum siding in Patio

    if he goes over the old siding he will have to install 1x4 strapping first so the drywall will lay flat otherwise if he screws the drywall to a low point the screw will pull right through the paper or you will get a uneven surface on the drywall.
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    Default Re: Drywall/Sheetrock on aluminum siding in Patio

    Better yet remove the siding then install the sheetrock. Maybe even use exterior sheetrock.

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