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    Question Aluminum Window frames

    We bought a house that has old aluminum window frames, we want to replace the windows. Do we need to take the old frames out or can we use them? If they need to be removed does anyone have any idea how to get them out?

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    Default Re: Aluminum Window frames

    Hello Michelle121,

    Sounds like a project! I would get rid of them. Usually aluminum framed windows are installed into masonry openings. Do you have an all cement or brick construction? Or do you have standard wood framed walls? You are going to need to take of the interior trim off, if you have any. If you have no trim than there should be dry wall around the inside of the window. Whats around the windows on the inside and outside? Either way you need to tear it all down to find your rough opening and order your windows accordingly. Let me know more about your windows. -Gregg

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