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    Default Banging Noise in water line

    I recently fixed a leaking shower by replacing the cartridge in the handle. The leak is fixed, but now I have a banging noise when I turn the water on and off. I assume that when I turned off the water supply, drained the pipes to fix the shower, then turned the water supply back on, I somehow got water in the pipe that's supposed to have air to cushion the pressure. I have tried shutting off the water and draining the lines again, but can't get the noise to stop. Any ideas??

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    Default Re: Banging Noise in water line

    what type of shower valve? american standard, delta, moen, symmons?

    If this is a Symmons shower valve the new spindle could be defective. My recommendation is to return the spindle, say its defective and try a new spindle. Make sure that you are replacing all internal parts of the shower valve if the shower valve has them (hot & cold seats).

    Good Luck!!
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