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    Default Toilet doesn't sit flush on floor

    I just installed a new American Standard toilet and it works beautifully.

    But I noticed there is a 1/8 inch gap between the front of the bowl and the floor. I checked the level of the toilet and it is higher in the front yet the toilet is rock solid. I didn't replace the flange as it appears in good shape. The house was build in the mid 50's.

    Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions?
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    Default Re: Toilet doesn't sit flush on floor

    Since toilets are molded from clay, they can get mis-shaped during manufacture. This is more common that you'd think, esp with tubs.

    You can caulk your toilet to the floor to fill the gap if you'd like. DO NOT caulk all the way around it though. Leave a gap in the caulking at the rear - if there is some leak the water will flow out the rear and you can see it. If there is a leak and the base is sealed shut, you'll have all sorts of nasty problems before you notice anything is wrong.

    I prefer 100% silicone caulk for the job but latex will work too.

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    Default Re: Toilet doesn't sit flush on floor

    i have a feeling houston is right, i'd guess you got a bad toilet that wasn't inspected properly after being manufactured. lift up the toilet seat and put a level on the porcelin and check it both ways. if it is not level then you can shim (neoprene wedges) the back side which will bring the front down. if it is level then it's probably a manufacturing issue and you WILL be able to return it for a new one.

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