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    Question Parged wall in living room

    We have a parged wall in our living room that is rough, uneven and smells moldy, thanks to the former owner of the house who tried to cover it up with a flimsy wood panel. We suspect they used the concrete (parge) to cover up the original brick wall in our 110 year old house instead of repointing the bricks. The adjoining brick wall in the basement (the floor below the living room) has crumbling brick.

    I would like to cover the wall with a natural plaster but not sure if this would be wise given the current state of the concrete wall (the moldy part concerns me most). Should we leave it alone (not cover the wall with natural plaster) or would it be okay to proceed?

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    Wink Re: Parged wall in living room

    I would take the parge off of the wall and get it down to bare bricks so you can address the mold issue. Covering it with plaster only will compound the problem. You then can clean the brick, point or parge the clean brick or do whatever since the mold won't be an issue.


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    Default Re: Parged wall in living room

    Thanks for the advice. Of course, now the challenge is to figure out how to take down a concrete wall without damaging the crumbly brick wall behind it. <sigh> It's always something in this old house.

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