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    Default Lawn Ant Problem

    Last season, our lawn was inundated with small ants. Our lawn is not the most lush grass lawn. Rather, we have a fair amount of weeds growing along with the grass. Our initial response to the ant issue was to consult an exterminator. We were told that there are non-toxic treatment options (we have children); however, the ants were feeding on weeds. Until we get rid of the weeds, our ant problem will continue. The problem is pretty widespread on both our front and back lawns. We know that now is the time of year to tackle this issue. What is our best option/process to (a) get rid of the weeds; and (b) plant grass to have a lush, green lawn (aeration, etc.)? Thanks.

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    I go to Home Depot to get a bag of stuff that kills bugs, (forget the name) if you tell them you have kids they should help you out. As for the weeds be careful what you buy, some weed killer says it won't kill the grass or certain types of grass and you end up with big brown spots. Good Luck

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