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    Lightbulb Order of Operations, any suggestions

    Greetings Community,

    This is my 1st post and I am looking for any constructive critism on both my post and plan of action.

    My fiance' and I are "scheduled" to close on the 21st of April 2011. We found a great deal on a foreclosed property in the outskirts of Richmond. Hoping to keep expenses down we are not in a hurry to move untill it is livable. My definition of liveable is moving in after fixing the multitude of small projects that could drive a couple nuts.

    The inspection and having a working brain has highlighted the repairs we would like to complete before we start sleeping under our own roof.

    This is my list of improvements in the order of the repairs;

    1. Replace locks and broken downstairs window
    2. Fix outside window wood rot
    3. Prep/ paint
    4. Buff hardwood floors
    5. Carpet

    (6. fun with the yard starts next year during the right seasons and after we have the majority of furniture we still want.)

    My thinking is locks are for safety, safety first. Windows next because drafts are expensive. Wood rot gets cut out before it spreads and adds $$$ up. Prep/ paint should be done before floors in case of drips. Lastly, wood dust gets stuck in carpet so hardwoods done before new carpeting.

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    Default Re: Order of Operations, any suggestions

    your list looks pretty good, you always want to tend to the things that deal which the insurance company will want dealt with first such as leaks, roof, electrical and plumbing upgrades to bring things to code, then the cosmetic things. from there wall repairs and paint then floors. after that final trim details and little touchups
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: Order of Operations, any suggestions

    If you are delaying occupancy, make sure your insurance will cover an unoccupied house.
    Be sure you live your life, because you are a long time dead.-Scottish Proverb

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