Hi Everyone,
Our condo (rental) has moderate water damage from the ice dams this winter. I've already done the "mold freak out" with management, long story, but I feel that they really dropped the ball in terms of letting a small issue become a giant, multi-faceted issue. Because of this whole mess, we're leaving as soon as our lease is up in November, but in the mean time: Contractors will be coming in to give me an idea of what kind of work will be done. They've already indicated that many sections of drywall will need to come out. My question to those of you who are familiar with this kind of work, should I stay in the house while the repairs are being done, or should I stay at a hotel? My husband has minor asthma, and I have a 3 yr daughter. I'm concerned about the dust. The areas affected are throughout the house, so I'm not sure plastic sheeting will be possible. There's damage to the ceiling in the entryway (which is also where the stais leading upstairs are), there's significant damage to the wall in my bedroom, and there's significant damage to the guest room wall. The kitchen ceiling has also been affected (due to the water damage above in the guest room). What would you do? Initially, I contacted the health department because I just wanted to get out of here, the leaking (and anxiety about the possibility of mold) was just not something I wanted to worry about, especially since we had just moved cross country. Unfortunately, the laws are on the side of the landlord, and I don't want to waste my energy on a legal battle, when I need all the energy I can muster for my daughter. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. In terms of our presence in the house, I'm home with my daughter during the day, and she needs to nap for about 2 hrs or she starts to resemble a drunk, angry midget. (sorry, that's really the most accurate way to describe her
Sorry to be so wordy