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Thread: Roof venting

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    I own a old house with a 10/12 pitch metal roof and get lots of snow in the winter. My plumbing vents dead end in the attic crawl space above the ceiling of the first floor. I want to run the vent to the outside and cannot run the vent very high up the roof without it becoming a major project. I could come straight through the roof but I am afraid the snow would rip it off in the winter. The only protected place would be in front of a second floor dormer but then the smell might go in the window of the dormer in the summer. Can I run the vent out through the back wall of the house and up the outside of the wall a foot or so leaving the vent to end about a foot under the eave? Other suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Plumbing vent pipe into the attic.... yikes big no no explosive gas comes out that pipe.... It can be vented threw the roof likely no snow will sheer it off as a round pipe is strong and 3" diameter does not make for much resistance to the snow just moving around it.
    There are codes about how far from windows to avoid fire and smell issues & codes out walls in proximity to roof soffits and again windows or doors.
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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    tim is right, there are codes in place to prevent you from putting it within x feet of a window, usually 10'. you can not have a plumbing vent vent into an attic, major no no. you can not have plumbing vents running up the sides of houses. the plumbing stack, if installed correctly, will not come off from a snow load. also, there is a height requirement for how high it must be abover the roof so that it can't get blocked by snow in hte winter.

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