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    Question termites in the floor joists

    Upon investigating a spongy carpeted floor in an old house, I ventured into the basement and discovered that a support beam (9" wooden post standing in the dirt...) that was holding up a 3-sister 2x8 floor joist/beam was ridden with termite damage. Not to mention a 5ft section (that I could see) of the 3-sister 2x8 floor joist/beam. This joist runs the length of the house I believe. The sub floor is also toast in this area too.

    So question is, what is the best way to fix the main floor joist/beam with termite damage? Can the beam be replaced just in the damaged area and then a sister joist on each side (now 5-sister 2x8) between the supporting columns? Or should you replace the entire 3-sister joist/beam the entire length?

    Keep in mind this house is a massive 2-story, 44' wide x 64' long. Oh yeah, I was thinking about moving the house to a new foundation due to the crappy current foundation. I didn't see any evidence of the termites still occupying this area, but I didn't dig either.

    All thoughts in good nature are welcome!!

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    Default Re: termites in the floor joists

    Howdy consider first getting the termites treated so no additional damage is done.
    Then contact a company that moves homes for a bid also a general contractor or two for bids to temp shore the basement framing so collapse does not occur an what is needed to fix the beam.....
    Any an all of my comments are just my opinion and not to be confused with facts.

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