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    Question How to find Stained Glass buyers?

    Hello...I am a homeowner from Baltimore, MD and I am looking to do some remodeling. I have 18th/19th century stained glass over my front door and window pane. I want to take it out and close up the spaces. Since Stained Glass is a valued speciment I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the Stained Glass on the market and sell it. I dont want to disgard these valued pieces so instead i have been trying to find takers of the items, but have had no such luck. If anyone one from This Old House discussion board has any idea on who would/should be interested in these 18th/19th century pieces of Stained Glass please respond to this here post. THANK YOU!

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    Default Re: How to find Stained Glass buyers?

    I am also from Baltimore and though I don't know of anything specific to Stained Glass... I can tell you that there are probably some consignment shops that would sell them for you for a cut of the profit.

    If you're not as concerned about the money but just don't want to throw them out, you could donate them to The Loading Dock (loadingdock.org) which is a non-profit for recycling/reusing building materials.

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    Default Re: How to find Stained Glass buyers?

    Check your Yellow pages for Architectural salvage, art glass shops, restoration companies, or antique dealers in your area or take a picture and put it on Ebay or Craig's list.

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