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    Default Use pool as heat sink for mini split?

    For the last 2 years we've struggled to keep our 2000 square foot house in upstate NY cool in the summer. A combination of window units (new and old) and camping out in the somewhat cooler basement have lead to extremely high energy bills.

    We also have a fairly large (22,000 gallon) in-ground swimming pool in the back yard which is only swimmable for 3 or 4 months a year due to the temperature of the water.

    We've debated about cooling the house for a while now, I tried to convince the wife we should go geothermal, but the investment would have been huge, and at the end of the day they (the geothermal company) couldn't prove that a geothermal system would raise our home's value. We've also thought about doing a two zone mini-split (one for upstairs, and one for the main floor, nixing the basement, as it's fairly cool), but I'm afraid that our utility rates wouldn't be that much lower going this route vice window units.

    But I was brainstorming earlier today, and I was wondering if anyone has ever adapted a standard a/c system (or heat pump) to reject heat to a pool instead of the surrounding air. From what I understand, it takes a lot of energy to run a fan across the heat exchanger of the air conditioner, and water is a much better heat transfer solution that air.

    Having a setup like this would theoretically cool the house and heat the pool. Is there any company that offers a solution like this?

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    Default Mini-Splits

    I have to disagree concerning electricity usage cost of mini splits. It would be significantly less money to run them. They also have much higher seer ratings then conventional cooling systems. I suggest you visit and begin some reasearch.

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    Default Re: Use pool as heat sink for mini split?

    There's an episode of Ask TOH where they show how a homeowner does just what you want to do: use the pool as the heat sync for the AC.,00.html

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