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    Default How do I make people aware of CFL Alternatives for the home

    I would like to share that there are lighting options for us to think about. As you probably know, the current SSL lights require more than one light to illuminate a room (and generally requires the installation of multiple new can light fixtures which are also points of energy waste).

    I know a manufacturer that is ahead of the curve - They offer high lumen, 360 degree light fixtures that easily replace an existing fixture and they illuminate an entire room (warm and cool for Kitchen, bedroom, etc.). You wouldn't know it was an LED light unless you were told.

    What can I do to help make us all aware of the lighting options that are currently available?

    So many of us are concerned about bringing mercury into our homes and landfills but want to do our part to help conserve energy.

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    Default Re: How do I make people aware of CFL Alternatives for the home

    You just did.

    It would be helpful to share who the manufacturer/distributor/supplier of said fixture is.
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    Default Re: How do I make people aware of CFL Alternatives for the home

    While CFLs do contain mercury, it is a miniscule amount. It would take hundreds of CFLs to accumulate the same amount of mercury as found in a typical thermometer.

    Also, it's a fallacy that CFLs require a lot of power to start up. While starting does consume more power, it's only equivalent to the power consumed during a few seconds of running time.

    FYI, the mercury is necessary in order for a fluorescent light to work. The way a fluorescent light works is that it uses a high voltage to arc from one end to the other to vaporize the mercury. The mercury gas becomes ionized (electrically charged) to produce ultraviolet light, which is turned into white light by the white, phosphor coating on the inside of the tube. If you break a fluorescent lamp while it is operating, colorless mercury gas may escape. The white "smoke" that comes out is simply the harmless phosphor coating.
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    Default Re: How do I make people aware of CFL Alternatives for the home

    What about the energy used to transport the cfl into the US? What about the economic impact on the us caused by the reduction in american lightbulbs being sold? The american jobs lost? What about the amount of energy it takes to make a CFL? How many thermometers can we make with the millions of cfls sold around the country that will end up in land fills? The fact that even CFLs rated for use on a dimmer last only half the time an incandescent does (on a dimmer dimmed at 80%). I'm all for hugging trees, but pushing bad ideas and taxing cow farts isnt going to save the planet. LEDs will be the answer very soon if not allready, if you cant afford those try the halogena by phillips.
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    Default Re: How do I make people aware of CFL Alternatives for the home

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