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    Default saving oil,or hurting furnace?

    Will using the emergency switch on my oil furnace hurt it? .We have been doing this in order to save on oil when we don't need the hot water or heat in the house. Am I doing more harm than good by turning it on and off this way?

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    Default Re: saving oil,or hurting furnace?

    that's not a problem at all, you're not hurting the furnace. it's basically an on and off switch, it's labeled like that so people can find it.

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    Default Re: saving oil,or hurting furnace?


    This practice is not recommended---although the damage may be minor, it DOES cause condensation (water vapor) to form on the insides of the heating unit, the flue pipe & chimney.

    There are more realistic ways to economize on oil than using the master switch---derating down to a smaller nozzle, complete cleaning of the heating plant, combustion analysis adjustment of the flame and air intake, adjusting the oil pump pressure.

    Could you post back to advise if you have a boiler or furnce (a boiler produces hot water for baseboard or radiators, a furnace produces hot air for registers).

    Do you have a heating person in your area you can trust to service the heating unit at a reasonable price???
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