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    Default HELP!! Faming a basement and setting toilet

    I want to fame my Basement. But the floor slants down away from the concrete walls to a drain that's in the floor. How would I cut my 2x4 and dry wall to accommodate the slant in the floor. So every thing is even. I tried to put a toilet down in the basement but it want set right. I had to put shims in the front of it so it want lean forward.
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    Default Re: Faming a basement and setting toilet


    I am not understanding what you are trying to do. Perhaps you can have someone assist you in typing in your questions along with the conditions of the floor.

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    Smile Re: Faming a basement and setting toilet

    If you are installing a bath"room"? Shims? Not good - will rot out.. and I would suggest first you frame in the walls, then apply a mixture of floor leveler so the toilet has a level surface to be installed onto. There are 2 types: self-leveling and concrete mix, which one you use depends on how much slant the floor has and how large the room is to be. It should be located so if the toilet ever overflows the water will run down the drain. Some contractors would install the new floor substrate first, then the toilet. That's my choice. Either way you need to make sure the waste pipe and flange is at the right height, level with the floor you install or the new concrete. hope that helps!

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