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    Question New composit materials for deck?

    Hi guys,
    I am confused - I thought it was a good idea to refinish my deck with Trex or Milennium(Home depot) or Coicedek from Lowes... But upon reading some rewievs ****** today :-( A lot of ppl complained of mold issues and various spots... I thought it was maintenance free!
    What do you think guys?
    Is there one better then others?
    Or old good natural wood is still the best...?
    Please share your experiences.

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    Default Re: New composit materials for deck?

    i work with a lot of composite decking and exterior composite trim. the only issues ive seen or heard of with trex are things such as premature fading and it getting extremely hot in the summer in direct sunlight making it impossible to walk on in bare feet.

    the issue with reviews ****** are that not all the details are provided in regards to each individual situation. if there is a large amount of trees of plants very close to the deck moss staining can occur from leaves sitting on it, this happens all the time with older vinyl siding. its simply getting dirty and needs a good spray down from a hose or pressure washer
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: New composit materials for deck?

    I will choose wood, specifically redwood (in the west).
    However, even redwood requires periodic maintenance, which one must do, to preserve its beauty.

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