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    Default Glazier ir artisan?

    I have been lloking for a glazier who is willing to restore the window in my front door. This small window needs quite a bit of soddering. Pretty muxh like a stained glass window. Unfortunately I can't find anyone in Wilmington Delaware. Does anyone have any leads on someone relatively close who wants to do the work? The window is really small.

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    Default Re: Glazier ir artisan?

    Leaded glass would be in the realm of a person who builds/restores suchlike, not a glazier. I doubt that any glass shop is going to take it on. They may have a lead for you. These are always repaired on the flat; IOW removed and brought to the workbench.
    Stained glass re-leading is not very difficult or expensive material-wise, so I think it could be an ideal DIY. There are even video tutorials on youtube for the tasks involved.
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