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Thread: fire stops

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timothy Miller View Post
    Hold everything Great Stuff foam is not what you think it is it has no fire rating. ITis is just foam colored orange/red it has no fire rating time so look out you are under the wrong impression.... read the label of each their can. The air barrier to smoke ---NOT FIRE BLOCK RATED!
    Foam in a can is used in fire blocking proceedures -- not in so much that it is immune to burning --- rather for stopping air ( starving the fire of oxygen ) movement from on space to another.
    Example --- where plumbing lines come up from the basement to the upper level --- the holes around the plumbing pipes need to be sealed if they will be enclosed in a wall cavity preventing air feeding oxygen to any potential fire.
    The bright colored foam in a can is highly visiable for inspectors to easily see those pentrations have been sealed.
    "" an ounce of perception -- a pound of obscure "
    - Rush

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    Howdy is this a help page for DIYers ?

    Ask the DIYERs if they know the difference between a fire stop an fire blocking- i think most have no idea that there is any difference. Thinking a fire block is material that is noncombustible or that it will not burn at a temperature or burn time of wood- if they even consider woods burning characteristics.

    All DYIers please note: ALL POLYURETHANE FOAM SEALANTS ARE FLAMMABLE AND BURN HIGHLY TOXIC GASES- it is not a fire stop material because it is combustible.

    If you want a non combustible material consider a gunnable caulk like FireSeal, Fire Stop, Fire caulk, or fire barrier putty.

    Since everyone has a copy of ASTM E 136 an or ASTM E 814 ( modified) they will not get into trouble confusing "fire block" application of spray foam with a FIRE STOP: a non combustible building material that will not flame, smoke,or have a significant weight loss when subjected to 1380*F.

    I would bet everyone does not have that copy ,ever heard of it, or any idea what these state.

    So i stand corrected, spray foam is not a fire stop. Clear as smoke is it?

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    Sorry for my terms. Great Stuff is great stuff in my opinion and i use it allot... Please refer to Dow for what their product is or is not and to ASTM E 136 an or ASTM E 814 ( modified) for information. I am not making any statements or implying anything about it and code requirements for residential fire blocking or any thing else. I am just trying to explain my opinion that consumers might confuse fire block & fire stopping materials.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaMorris View Post
    ***, I just realized it now. Thanks for that info. I should have surfed the net.
    i dont know how many times ive seen homeowners look things up and the information is nowhere near correct. i am saying this as a licensed carpenter who specializes in high end renovation and also worked in commercial construction where fire codes are highly enforced

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