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    Question Wallpaper Prep

    I just removed prepasted wallpaper from a wall-after 28 years. What should I do to the wall to prepare it for new prepasted paper?
    The wall is now just paint on plaster.

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    Interesting that you should ask, since I just yesterday finished doing the very same job in our bedroom. OK, the paper is off. Now be sure that the backing is also off. It's the paper behind the visible, stripped paper. Wet it down (use plain water in a spray bottle), then gently sc**** it off with a metal or plastic putty knife- I like the 4 inch ones. Let it dry thoroughly. Then look at the wall and see if it needs to be patched., If so, use wallboard compound, NOT spackle. Apply it as smoothly as you can; let it dry. Then sand gently with 150 grit paper; it smoothes out well. When done, wipe all the surfaces with a damp towel to remove the dust. When dry, apply a good primer; I like Sherwin-Williams. Their indoor latex primer even covers shiny plastic well enough to paint. When dry, you'll be ready to apply 2 coats of paint. It'll look like new; ours does.

    If you don't want to paint, then stop after the primer coat. Then re=paper.
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